What's In Our Time Capsule?

February 28, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Earlier this semester, local hero and member of the Class of 2013, Katie Atmonavage, discovered this stone marker near South Building:

1983 Time Capsule

This time capsule was created a quarter of a century ago and will be excavated this fall as the class of 1988 returns for their 25th reunion during Homecoming.  

For those not familiar with what a time capsule is (have you been living under a time capsule??), it’s a buried structure filled with a cache of goods and information about the life and times of the people who buried it.  As this capsule is set to expire this year, we at the Senior Class Office feel the timing is just right for the Class of 2013 to bury one of our own!  It could include all sorts of things: a zip drive with the year’s most popular songs, photographs from around campus, a copy of the DTH after we beat Dook on March 9, a lock of Beyoncé’s hair, the book Fifty Shades of Gray (you know, riveting literature from our generation), etc. – you get the idea!  In order to make our time capsule a success, we need your input on what to bury!  We don’t necessarily have permission to do it yet, but we are optimistic it will happen so leave your comments below! 

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