2013 Time Capsule is a Go!

April 02, 2013 at 9:28 AM

Hey Seniors!  We are moving ahead with our Class of 2013 Time Capsule and could not be more excited!  

The University Historians in Wilson Library have agreed to house the capsule in a secret undisclosed location where it will stand the test of time until it is recovered twenty five years from now in the year 2038.  

We have made a quick one-question survey and are hoping members of the senior class will take time to fill it out and provide feedback as to what we should put in the capsule in order to best capture the life and times of those attending UNC in 2013.  We plan on populating the capsule over the next week or so and hope to have it on display at the Senior Send-off and Last Lecture event being held on April 16 in Polk Place,  

Be sure and make your voice heard as to what to place in the capsule!  When we all return for our 25th reunion it will be pretty sweet to say, “Hey, that lock of PJ Hairston’s hair was my idea"

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